Sunday, January 10, 2010

Using Media for Illustrating Disorders

In general, I will try to locate video clips of real people who suffer from disorders to show the pain, anxiety, panic, depression, mania, etc. to illustrate certain symptoms or disorders. I ran across this site on YouTube this week. The author is a doctoral student in media psychology and calls himself "Mediashrink." He uses cartoons and other media to illustrate disorders. The link is here: While I have not viewed all the videos, I liked the one on the Wizard of Oz as possibly suffering from Bipolar Disorder.

His description of his Channel: This site will be dedicated to explanation of psychological disorders using existing media remixed by Nuwerks Publishing and
These videos were created to convey information about symptoms and hold the viewer's attention. Further information about how these disorders can be found in the DSM IV. While some of the characters in the videos do not precisely fit the specified disorder, they do make do make learning about the disorders more entertaining and memorable.

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