Thursday, March 11, 2010

Brain Awareness Week at Duke

Chuck reminded us in a recent post that next week is Brain Awareness Week. This morning I learned that my local university, Duke, is sponsoring some great activities next week in some rather unique ways. Among the offerings are:
  • "Would you take a genetic test to predict depression in response to stressful events" -- a talk led by two professors of psychology and neuroscience -- in a bar!
  • "Murderous chimpanzees and promiscuous bonobos: what does having an ape brain mean for your behavior?" -- a lecture
  • An Open House with tours, research demonstrations, art projects for your brain and "a visit to Duke's own 3-D virtual brain environment"
Holy cow - this is cool! The full flyer is here. Even if you're not near Duke, check to see if the college or university near you is doing something similar next week. As for me ... unfortunately between my first TOPSS board meeting and finishing my National Board portfolio I'm going to miss just about all of it! Now only if it were in April ...

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