Thursday, March 25, 2010

Inversion Goggles from

In the last few months, Gerry Palmer introduced a new product to the line of games and activities; a set of inversion goggles. These glasses literally "turn the world upside down" for the viewer, use only one 4" prism. This design makes for a larger field of vision than the older two prism models.

Students can have fun trying to write their name, pick up an object or draw a picture using the goggles. The inversion goggles work perfectly when covering how the lens in the eye inverts the image.

A student in the AP Psychology class at Pinkerton Academy of Derry, NH has posted a short (1:38) YouTube video of someone wearing a set of inversion goggles trying fairly unsuccessfully to write her name on a white board at It should be noted, the goggles in the video are not from PsychKits, but instead made by Jim Matiya who for many many years was the main supplier of both displacement and inversion goggles for teachers around the country.

For more information on the inversion goggles go to

For the homepage go to Be sure to check out the displacement goggles as well.

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Karrie Fredrickson said...

Now that it looks like that site has unfortunately closed, does anyone have a new supplier?