Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gaming and Making a Better World

I was doing some research on intelligence and, of course, went to the TED web site.   While researching, I came across a fascinating talk (no surprises there) about gaming as a tool to improve the world.

This idea intrigued me so I began watching a game designer, Jane McGonigal talk about the qualities that gamers possess and how they could possibly turn their enthusiasm, focus, and optimism form the virtual world and somehow translate that into the real world.  Fascinating--worth the 15 minutes.

For the record, I am not a gamer, but many of my students are and were also intrigued by her ideas.  Additionally, one could argue that it takes a great deal of psychological knowledge to make a satisfying gaming experience.  In fact, one could use the video as a point of analysis for psychological concepts (that are mentioned, but not by name).  Again, great stuff.

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mbritt said...

This was indeed a very interesting TED talk. I highly recommend it. For more info on how good teaching and good games have much in common with each other, I put together this Prezi presentation that teachers might find helpful: