Monday, March 8, 2010

Sleep and Sleep Disorders

When most of us cover States of Consciousness, we might give passing mention to sleep disorders.  As someone who suffers from sleep apnea, I choose to spend a little more time, especially with the condensed time frame teenagers have to sleep--dealing with their enforced insomnia. 

Stanley Coren has an excellent book that I've been using for years called, Sleep Thieves.  In the book, there is a 17 question "quiz" about symptoms related to too little sleep.  We go over the results that the book gives and describing the lack of functioning that we tend to have as a result of too little sleep.  A lively discussion follows.  I will be sharing some additional sleep-related posts the rest of this week.

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sleep disorders said...

Sleep plays a vital role when it comes to an individual's health. A normal human should sleep for seven to eight hours. Anyone sleeping less than six hours
faces many health problems. Sleep disorder is also called Somnipathy. Sleep disorder is sleeping difficulties like falling asleep at some inappropriate time,
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