Tuesday, March 17, 2009

fMRI= Court approved Lie Detector?

This Wired Science article "MRI Lie Detection to Get First Day in Court" describes the efforts of some researchers and lawyers in San Diego to admit fMRI results as an accurate method of lie detection. The article goes on to describe the possible difficulties with using fMRI scans in court. My favorite line: "So far as I can tell, there are many more reliable ways to corrupt data from an MRI machine than a classic polygraph machine." This article and other resources about lie detection might be a fascinating critical thinking exercise for psych. students (perhaps during the bio unit?)


Anonymous said...

WHY would we need to waterboard people HELLO!!

the hole truth about 911 and all the mind controll vistums that have ever made a claim
are in the the door way waiting in line to end
the lies and begin a new day

a quote by MRC in 1992 that has become the definitive truth.

Rob Mc said...

And that, friends and neighbors, is an excellent example of "word salad'. Thanks for your contribution, anonymous!