Friday, March 20, 2009

Large Plush Toy Neuron

Looking for the perfect "prop" when you explain the parts of the neuron. Giantmicrobes of Delaware has developed a plush toy version. The toy comes in three sizes:
  • Original (5-7" plush doll) $7.95
  • PetriDish (3 mini microbes) $12.95
  • Giganic (15-20" plush doll) $24.95

To order or for more information go to:

A special thanks to Daria Schaffeld of Prospect High School, Mt Prospect, IL for this idea as detailed in the January 2009 edition of the NCSS Psychology Community Newsletter.

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Raby said...

It sounds good. I have huge collections of Godzilla Plush Toys with all different figures and styles. That monster looks damn good. Very heroic too.