Thursday, March 12, 2009

Human Intelligence site

Human Intelligence is a terrific resource for the intelligence unit. I recently asked Dr. Jonathan Plucker, one of the founders of the site and a professor of both Educational Psychology and Cognitive Science at Indiana University, to introduce his site to THSP readers. Here's Dr. Plucker:

"We started the site roughly 12 years ago because little reliable, accessible information was available on the topic of human intelligence. We continually add to the site, primarily by revising the profiles as new information comes to light about each person's work and influence. Key features for teachers are the Hot Topics and the streaming video interviews with many of the contemporary scholars, some of whom have regrettably passed away since the interviews. We are open to -- and in fact encourage -- submissions by teachers and students of new Hot Topics, nominations of profiles to add to the site, and any other content users think will be of interest to others. We are especially interested in lesson plans and activities that teachers use to introduce and explore human intelligence, genius, etc."

This is a great site! Check it out and as Dr. Plucker says, feel free to contribute as well. And below I have copied the site's intelligence map -- click the link to go to an interactive version. (This map's just for you, Kent!)

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