Sunday, March 15, 2009

Psych in the news

Could out-of-sync body clocks be contributing to human disease? (Nature News)

Should you stay together for the kids? Loooong article on divorce. (Time)

Jonah Lehrer says "neuroscience is what helps us separate the beautiful theory from the definite truth." (Science Blogs)

Research has shown that neurons with lots of the protein CREB are essential for storing memories after they are first formed -- and the destruction of these neurons = memory loss. (Science Blogs, with a nice FAIL points game at the bottom for how this study is reported in the media).

Interested in joining a social psych experiment on April 5? Read more. (Museum 2.0 Blog)

Wouldn't it be nice if all the "best and brightest" just became teachers? (Judith Warner, NY Times)

Google's Sergey Brin investing his money and DNA to fight Parkinson's. (NYT)

Bolivian president Morales argues that coca leaves are not narcotics like cocaine. (NYT)

Seven way to fool your sense of touch (cool tactile illusions!). (New Science)


Rob Mc said...

Wow! The above comment looks like a selective attention demo - I noticed the "sex" in the middle right away! :)

Steve said...

Sigh. I thought I had deleted all of those ... maybe I'll leave that one for posterity now.