Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Games at the Nobel Prize Website

The Nobel Prize website at includes three educational games pertinent to a typical psychology course curriculum. They include:

Pavlov's Dog, a demonstration of classical conditioning creating a variation of Pavlov's experiments. Students condition the dog using a variety of stimuli and food items. While fairly simple, the game gets across the basic message of how classical conditioning works.

The Split Brain Experiment, where students conduct their own version of Sperry's and Gazzaniga's research. The game allows students to experiment on Mr. Split Brainy, using an inquiry approach. While a bit juvenile for high school students, this program could be a perfect way for students to learn how a split-brain patient performs.

The Ear, which allows students to discover the basic functioning of the many parts of the ear. Using a standard tutorial approach, the game provides for beginning, advanced and expert levels and include a simulation, exploration and quiz section.

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