Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fascinating Television Dealing with Anxiety Disorders

Apparently, when A&E television created its new season of shows, they must have liked the response from Intervention. So now there are at least two shows dealing with psychological disorders, Obsessed and Hoarders. You can watch the episodes online in addition to recording them. While I have not yet seen an entire episode of Obsessed, I viewed portions of the descriptions and early cognitive behavioral therapeutic interventions. What I saw was a good representation of the anxiety shown by those who suffer from the disorder. The web site indicates that the series deals with the most severe anxiety disorders (from which there are more than 3 million Americans suffering).

In Hoarders, two people are typically viewed back and forth in their situation, their own point of view of their behavior, and the beginning of potential change. Some people have therapists helping them through, some have professional organizers. A repeated emphasis is how potentially dire the situation is regarding living circumstances (many threats of eviction and child removal). The anguish is clear on the faces of those undergoing the changes needed to create less clutter in their lives. What is not always clear is the underlying factors that led to the creation.

My view is that the portions of the shows I have seen are excellent for illustrating what these disorders look like. I've not seen enough to comment on the therapeutic value shown.

Intervention is on Mondays at 9/8C
Hoarders is on Monday nights at 10/9C
Check listings for Obsessed

As with all shows now, there is much in the way of web-only content for more details.

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