Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Hi-Low Game

Scott Reed of Hamilton High School, Chandler, AZ has developed an activity for his psychology classes called the Hi-Low Game. The game involves students trying to predict survey results of the general population. While I don't believe it was Scott's intent, the Hi-Low game is a variation of the short-lived game show from 2007-08 called "The Power of 10" with Drew Carey.

This activity could be used at anytime during the school year, but would probably work best at the beginning of the course when discussing scientific method, statistics, surveys, and the like.

The directions for the game can be found on Scott's website at or downloaded from the 4Shared file sharing account (look for "Scott Reed's Hi-Low Game.doc") at

The one major challenge of this activity is keeping the survey statistics up-to-date. If anyone has found books similar to those Scott uses or a website containing similar information, please leave a note in the comments section of this posting.

Thanks to Scott for his willingness to share this activity.

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