Friday, August 14, 2009

Streaming Video:

For many years, the mainstay of videos in psychology classes were The Brain and The Mind Series as well as the Discovering Psychology with Phil Zimbardo. Anyone teaching psychology through these times is very familiar with Phineas Gage's accident, Vicki the split brain patient, the Stanford quarterback wearing displacement goggles, and much more. When I first started teaching the standard advice given to me, which I have repeated countless times to other new teachers, was you have to get these series for your classes.

All of these series, plus much more, are now available over the internet at . Below I've provided the web addresses for each of the specific series where you can stream any of the episodes into your class.

The Brain Teaching Modules

The Mind Teaching Modules

Discovering Psychology Series

The World of Abnormal Psychology

Seasons of Life

Death: A Personal Understanding

Growing Old in a New Age

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