Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where should I go to College?

Many of our high school Psychology and AP Psychology students intend to declare psychology as their undergraduate major. Some hope to eventually attend graduate school in psychology.

Every year students ask their high school psychology teacher which is the best college for them to attend. Below are a number of listings/ranking of both undergraduate and graduate level psychology programs. The graduates hotline listing includes links to the various psychology department's websites.

Perhaps as an activity, students could research the admission requirements for a number of colleges/universities and the course requirements for a typical psychology major. Students could share the information by posting their research on a Wiki Page (for more information, see the May 27th posting on this blog - Top Psychology Schools (20)

College Crunch Top 10 Psychology Colleges in the USA (undergrad)

College Crunch Top 25 Psychology Graduate Schools

Hub Pages Top 10 Best Colleges for Majoring in Psychology

Graduates Hot Line Listing of Psychology Graduate Schools

Social Psychology Network listing of Psychology PhD Programs

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