Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eating disorder webinar

The folks who brought you the series This Emotional Life have scheduled a webinar on eating disorders for Wednesday, April 14 at 1pm EDT/ 12pm CDT/ 10am PDT. The webinar is entitled Recovery from an Eating Disorder: What does real recovery look like? and will focus on these issues (quoting from the site):
  • The challenges of the recovery process, including access, shame, triggers and relapse
  • The different types of treatment for people suffering from eating disorders
  • Advice for those seeking help for themselves or a loved one with an eating disorder
"Join Dr. Ovidio Bermudez, Medical Director of the Eating Disorders Program at Laureate Psychiatric Clinic and Hospital, and former eating disorder patients, Allison Kreiger, Sara Pollan and Troy Roness to learn about the challenges and success of recovery from an eating disorder. Through the lens of three personal journeys from eating disorders to wellness, this compelling discussion will explore what recovery looks like and offer insights from the perspectives of both those who have lived through the recovery process and a professional with years of experience treating those on the journey to recovery."

P.S. Does anyone hate the word webinar besides me? I can't explain it but I do. Ugh!


Skyler said...

Webinar services are conducted on almost every topic nowadays as they are a more effective means of communicating a message to a person. Most of the people around the world use internet and hence it reaches a larger audience.

eating disorders said...

Eating disorders is a situation when individual experience severe disturbances in his or her eating behaviors, like there is extreme of reduction in their food intake or extremes in overeating. There are two types of eating disorders named Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia nervosa. It is mostly seen in stage of adolescence or even in young adulthood. Females are more likely to have this type of disorder than males. People having eating disorders are likely to have depression, anxiety disorder etc.

Rob Mc said...

I'm with you on my dislike of the word "webinar" Steve. Not sure why - it sounds too . . . microsoft? corporate consultant group-esque? Not sure what term I'd like better. Cloud Talk? Or maybe we should just use the term "seminar" for web seminars and "regular" ones - maybe it doesn't matter if its done on the web or in "meat-space"?