Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Summer programs in psychology for students

I started doing research for Kent's post about summer opportunities in psychology for high school students and realized that it would be easier to create a new post that put this in a comment.

Hello student! Thanks for writing. I found a slew of summer programs that are related to psychology through some “aggressive Googling” and most of them I don’t know a thing about, but I did want to pass them on.

One summer program I know about is called TIP (Talent Identification Program) and while it is part of Duke University, they also host camps at many other campuses around the world. It's an excellent program! Unfortunately the deadline is passed for this summer, but you can learn more here. They do teach several related courses such as Psychology and The Brain, Intelligence and Creativity.

Something I just learned is that TIP now has summer courses online. This summer they are offering Abnormal Psychology (which is taught by two instructors I know, David and Lindy Norman, and they're great!), Neuroscience: Biology of the Brain, and Social Psychology. Deadline to apply is May 7, so hurry!

I found a link at a local high school of dozens of similar summer programs - check them out! (PDF)

Here are several other summer programs I found that offer psychology courses:
This should keep you busy for a while (as it did me). Good luck!

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