Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Women and Media Images: About-Face

Today's site is called About-Face.  The site has been of great use for both sociology and psychology classes when dealing with the role and portrayal of women in our culture.  The site calls out the magazines and advertisers about their respective questionable images in a portion called, "gallery of offenders."  However, this is not just exploitation.  The site also has a gallery of winners, featuring ads that have real women in real situations.  There is also a great deal of sarcasm that comes with explaining the offenders--pretty cool if you ask me.

Warning--some images are offensive, either for their violent or sexual aspect of objectifying women--you should preview the site to see if it's appropriate for your school/community.  The kids will likely be fine and some will be outraged.  It's the adults that may find something objectionable. 

The "facts page" links to many issues including body image, media, eating disorders and disordered eating, cosmetic surgery and obesity.

Whether you draw from the site some particular references or have your students explore, it will make for some spirited discussion related to body image, women in the media, and more.  Additionally, the blog makes for some very interesting reading.  Go for it.

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