Thursday, February 4, 2010

Eureka Brain poster

Serendipitously this fits nicely with this week's THSP theme of freebies ... who wants a giant poster of the brain like the one above? Actually the picture above is just a smidgen of the real thing which is just huge -- did I mention ginormous even? It's HERE. (And there's an accompanying article on the brain as well, all compliments of the Times Online.)

Want to make it a real poster? There are many sites on the Internet to do that but another idea is to make it for "free" (you pay for your own printing and paper) via BlockPosters. You can make an enormous brain and take up an entire classroom wall!

(And THANKS to the always amazing Vaughan Bell of MindHacks for the tip!)

UPDATE: here is a smaller version of the brain poster. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I tried to use the brain photo on block posters, but it stated that the maximum file size is 1 megabyte while the picture is 2 megabytes. What can one do to remedy this situation? Thanks.

Steve said...

Smaller version added above!