Thursday, February 18, 2010

Motivation and Behavior Knol

Goggle's Knol, similar to Wikipedia, allows authors to post their writings online. Kevin Spaulding of Sunnyvale, CA has written a number of psychology related articles. One of his better pieces is Motivation and Behavior. Kevin's posting is similar to what a traditional introductory text tends to cover for this unit, though the section on emotions is a bit sparse.

No different than with Wikipedia, people should be cautious of Knol's postings for accuracy and potential extraneous motives. Different than Wikipedia, modifications to the articles on Knol can only be done by the original author. Anyone with a Knol account can suggest changes, but the ultimate power rests with the author of the piece.

To view Kevin's piece on motivation go to

For a complete listing of psychology related articles on Knol go to

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