Thursday, February 25, 2010

Temple Grandin's TED talk

Clearly I'm not objective here (witness my last post on TG) but I am so psyched to realize today that the TED folks have just released Temple Grandin's talk from last month. It's a 20 minute talk from Temple about how she thinks and she discusses the recent movie as well. Her manic energy and passion for the subject is so engaging that this will fit nicely into any unit on thinking, disorders or Cool Stuff (my favorite unit). She talks about different ways that kids learn in addition to just those who think in pictures, and the similarity of thinking in pictures with animal thinking.

Provocative quotation: "I'm seeing a lot of these geeky, nerdy kids and the teachers out in the Midwest and in other parts of the country, when you get away from these tech areas, they don't know what to do with these kids ... we've got to show these kids interesting stuff."

TED talks are usually just awesome, like the one I just noticed about how brains learn to see. You can also search by tags for subjects like the brain, psychology, and happiness. Check 'em out!

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