Monday, February 1, 2010

Online Responsive Face

Ken Perlin, professor of Computer Science of the New York University Media Research Lab has developed an online program called "Responsive Face" in which the user can manipulate various aspects of a computerized virtual face.

The site includes preset faces for various emotions including: frightened, disappointed, annoyed, surprised, happy, arrogant, and angry. Users can changes many aspects of the face to create their own set of emotions. The Responsive Face can be found at

Faceland, a distant cousin of the Responsive Face, is a computer program for sale from Do2Learn for $179. From what I can tell by the promotional information, the program is a very sophisticated version of Responsive Face. If anyone has purchased Faceland for use within a high school psychology class, I would love them to leave a comment below detailing their experience. For more information on Faceland go to

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