Friday, February 19, 2010

Lorenz Imprinting Video

This video clip is actual footage of Konrad Lorenz with his imprinted geese. The silent clip shows Lorenz being followed by the geese on land and in the water. I would suggest starting the video at about the one minute mark.

For those who have access to YouTube go to

For everyone else, go t0 the VidoMo version at

At the beginning of the clip Lorenz is speaking through a megaphone. I am at a loss as to what Lorenz is doing. If anyone knows please leave a comment below.


Virginia Welle said...

Teaching about imprinting is also a great excuse to show clips of impossibly cute animals.

Check out this one:

Jon said...

If you would like to start a YouTube video in the middle you can follow these instructions:

For example, to start with the imprinting in the above video you can use the following link:

Thanks for the video clip.